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Cancer in My Family

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I’ve heard about cancer before. It seemed so scary to have such a disease. Just the thought of having the doctor tell me that I have one would be enough to make my skin crawl. That’s why at the school theatre before, we used to be told by our acting workshop facilitator to imagine that we had cancer if he wanted some intense emotion out of us. Yes, that’s what… Read More »Cancer in My Family
Rosie LAvador

AMUMA Sends Off Rosie Lavador

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Generosa, Rosie, Lavador, an active AMUMA member since the very early stages of AMUMA’s conception, is going on a journey in answer to God’s call of service. Ate Rosie, a former teacher at both private and public schools, who had also been a member of a religious congregation, studied IIRE (lgnatian lnstitute of Religious Education) in Ateneo de Deavao University, which, later on became IIREF (lgnatian lnstitute of Religious Education… Read More »AMUMA Sends Off Rosie Lavador