Jojo Rom with AMUMA

Jojo Rom Speaks to AMUMA

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At the recent AMUMA seminar workshop on Urban Container Gardening, the multi-awarded passionate agriculturist, Mr. Perfecto “Jojo” Rom animatedly showed the captivated audience from AMUMA Cancer Support Group Foundation, Inc., and some other guests how farming is not merely beneficial but truly essential to every Filipino household. Donned in a polo shirt, maong pants and rubber shoes, Mr. Rom faced his eager audience of urban gardening seminar on July 20,… Read More »Jojo Rom Speaks to AMUMA
AMUMA got talent

AMUMA Celebrates 16th Anniversary

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AMUMA is sweet 16! On July 5, 2019, AMUMA marked its 16 years in service and camaraderie. The occasion was celebrated with a solemn mass at Our Lady of the Assumption Church. The following Saturday, the group held the main celebration which started, with a motorcade around main streets in the City that ended at Our Lady of the Assumption church along Torres Street. There, the group made confession and… Read More »AMUMA Celebrates 16th Anniversary

Cancer in My Family

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I’ve heard about cancer before. It seemed so scary to have such a disease. Just the thought of having the doctor tell me that I have one would be enough to make my skin crawl. That’s why at the school theatre before, we used to be told by our acting workshop facilitator to imagine that we had cancer if he wanted some intense emotion out of us. Yes, that’s what… Read More »Cancer in My Family
Urban Container Gardening Seminar Workshop


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“Coming of age” at seniority, the heart looks back to where and what life has really been all about. It was an eye-opener, more heart-opener even, when Davao Churches prayed about our duty to care for our environment. No finger pointing at all, yes LORD GOD, mea culpa on my environmental oversights! Retracing my life, conscience showed the times I excessively used water and light justifying that I pay for… Read More »HOMEFARM
Rosie LAvador

AMUMA Sends Off Rosie Lavador

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Generosa, Rosie, Lavador, an active AMUMA member since the very early stages of AMUMA’s conception, is going on a journey in answer to God’s call of service. Ate Rosie, a former teacher at both private and public schools, who had also been a member of a religious congregation, studied IIRE (lgnatian lnstitute of Religious Education) in Ateneo de Deavao University, which, later on became IIREF (lgnatian lnstitute of Religious Education… Read More »AMUMA Sends Off Rosie Lavador

AMUMA Holds Flower Arrangement Workshop

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In line with AMUMA’s advocacy to aesthetics and financial independence, the Foundation, conducted a Flower Arrangement workshop on Saturday, May 11, 2019 at the AMUMA Office in Regus, Felcris Centrale. Ms Rose Sonora, a longtime member of AMUMA, shared her expertise in flower arrangement and corsage making. Each of the participants had a hands-on experience on the said activity which lasted from 10 am to 4 pm. The workshop ended… Read More »AMUMA Holds Flower Arrangement Workshop

AMUMA Celeberates Lenten Season

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After the Chrism Mass, AMUMA gathered before the Holy Door at The San Pedro Cathedral to prepare for the Way of The Cross

Amuma Has New Set of Officers, New Home

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Amuma welcomes the year with a new set of officers and Board of Directors. As stated in the Constitution of the Foundation, the group voted a new set of Officers before 2018 closed. In January of the present year, the former officers turned over the management to the new ones in a simple Turn Over and Coordination Ceremony at the Regus at Felcris Centrale, Davao. In February, the new Officers… Read More »Amuma Has New Set of Officers, New Home