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Our Projects

Ever since its founding in 2003, AMUMA’s passion for reaching out and helping people affected by cancer, has never wavered.  The one who founded Amuma in Davao was a Doctor and cancer fighter herself. And her determination in helping other people who have been through the same path as she, has rubbed on to the members, who are and have been in the same situation. Now, in the same spirit, Amuma’s commitment to help cancer affected individuals and families has thrived. The foundation’s primary focus is helping cancer afflicted people. However, the desire has gone beyond. The organization has been conducting activities to fulfill the mission.

Medical-Dental-Opthal Missions

Originally, the clients of AMUMA are the cancer patients, but through the years, the group has been catering to ones other than cancer patients. During these missions, AMUMA’s volunteer doctors examine clients, and give proper advise. In this way, people may discover their health conditions and promptly do what is best for them. 

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Caregivers' Day

This is AMUMA’s recognition of caregivers’ hard work and dedication to their patients. On this day, caregivers are pampered, while AMUMA members take their place in caring for their patients. The patients, themselves are also given surprises during this time. 

Home/Hospital Visits

Members identify patients to be visited. Also those who want to be visited by AMUMA may also contact the group. The purpose of this visits is to support, assist, encourage patients and their families. During these visits, Amuma interacts with the family, pray with and over them, give needed assistance when available. 

Fund Raising

To keep the Foundation going with its community outreach and the fulfillment of its mission, the organization needs to generate funds. 

Sige Daw

Sige Daw is a collection of stories of hope, survival, inspiration, strength, love, straight from cancer warriors, survivors, caregivers, friends and family of cancer patients. Written by AMUMA members. This book is available now.


A truly inspiring book written by one of AMUMMAs friends. Available at AMUMA now.


Yayee, Sige Daw

It's a team effort

To “keep the team’s fire burning,” and to help the group keep up with the needs of their clients, the group keeps enhancing themselves in the  necessary fields. 

Team Building and Recreation

Strengthens the camaraderie of the group

Basic Skills workshops

The role of an AMUMAn is to affect the lives of cancer patients and their families. So that this may be possible, Amuma also helps the members keep up by equipping them with helpful basic skills

Spiritual enhancement

Although Amuma does not discriminate among religions, the members are encouraged to always connect with God, especially since the nature of the foundation demands that they interact with people who have some concerns that are delicate by nature. They would need that connection to keep them grounded. For the Catholics, who comprise the majority, retreats, recollections are conducted for the members. Amuma partners with HEARTSPACE Christian Meditators.